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Malberry Tales is part confessions, part rantings of a travel addict, wanting to bring together a community of like minded travelers – through stories, designing travels, building groups & going for trips – and bringing the travel dream one step closer.

Most of you may have been reading my posts on Tripoto for the past few years now. It helped me garner a lot of positive response & immense reach of about 11.3 million travel dreamers. This is one reason why I thought of taking up the challenge of building my own blog to share my travel tales, & encourage like minded souls to celebrate the spirit of traveling.

My favourite posts, which also are popular among the travel network, are very personal to me. Virgin beaches of Goa marked my entry into the travel blogging and eventually led to other posts. There came a point when I led trips as a trip leader to exotic destinations, like Greece & Sri Lanka. And came more posts, until I landed a collaboration assignment with Perivolas Lifestyle Houses – a 5* luxury hotel in dreamland Santorini. My journey so far has been exciting & Malberry Tales reflects the same & a lot more.

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Solo backpacking around Europe in 17 days in a budget of only 1000 Euros, has been by far the best experience that I gifted myself in October 2017. Extensive planning, good timing, hours of research and a lot of inspiration later, I found myself roaming in Rome, sipping Sangria in Barcelona, celebrating Diwali in Madrid, relishing beer in Brussels, galavanting over and under the bridges of Amsterdam, falling in love with fairytale town of Prague, convincing myself that yes Lucerne (Switzerland, in general) exists, admiring the chic fashion capital Milan, returning to Athens with a bag full of memories.


About Me

I am Malvika Mayur, 26 and belong to the wine capital of India – Nashik. Unlike many, I love to study and therefore have two Masters in my name, the first is Masters in Audio Visual Communication from Symbiosis International University (SIMC), while the second is a Cardiff Metropolitan University degree, Masters in International Hospitality & Tourism Management from Athens, Greece. Also,  I got an opportunity to pursue a 1-month Certificate course from the reputed Mudra Institute of Creative Arts in Ahmedabad, which was awarded by Disney as a full scholarship to a select 10 students in India. Between all this, I worked for over 3 years and worked as a Social Media Manager with Byond Travel for a period long enough to encourage me to travel more.

My love for travel had always been there, as we traveled a lot as a family & with close friends. But, the travel bug only gripped me when I moved out of my home in Nashik, in 2009. I had moved to Mumbai and this city helped me spread my wings far and wide, making me independent in a way, always wanting freedom. I studied in Pune thereafter, then moved to Bangalore. Between these journeys, I took a lot of time exploring cities and landscapes within India – from Goa to Himachal to Ladakh to Uttarakhand to Karnataka & Tamil Nadu, I have been to places I did not ever dream of. I have also scaled two of the Himalayan peaks while on trekking expeditions to Hampta Pass in Manali & Har Ki Dun Valley in Uttarakhand.

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International travel came in when I was working with Byond Travel. We always talked about destinations, experiences, communities, cultures, people and everything that I loved to talk about. I have visited a couple of South Asian countries as a kid, and charismatic Oman. Later, I found myself leading trips to Greece and Sri Lanka. During one such trip, I fell in love with Greece and yes I moved to Athens. I worked on the exotic island of Santorini for 6 months too, and the many other islands which are otherwise just postcards that I had once admired. While my 1 year stint in Greece, I explored Greek islands and mainland Greece. The highlight of my stay being the 17 day solo Europe trip, which has by far been the best experience I’ve had in my life.

The blog is just a reflection of my travels and the experiences which I would love to share with you.

If you would like some inspiration, or just tales to read, check out my Malberry Tales.

If you feel like connecting with me, please contact me and I would love to have a chat.




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